Olive's Adventures with Suzy's Scent Shop

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Olive's Adventures continue with Suzy from 

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♥ Olive arrives at Suzy's to be greeted by her son who drew this cute jungle picture for Olive. She is also wearing an amazing jungle hat. It is perfect!

♥ Olive is already lending a hand helping Suzy mix up some lip balms for 

♥ Now Olive is helping Suzy stir some wax and scent together.  This mixture is going 
to make some amazing wax melts!

♥ Olive's work is never done :) Helping Suzy pack up some orders for 

♥ After all that helping, Olive and Suzy take some time to head to the gym. Olive has
to keep up her body..lol!

♥ Looks like Olive may have overdid it..
Breathe Olive Breathe!!

♥ YUM! Olive having some dinner, PIZZA NIGHT!

♥ Yes, Olive does think she is "Super Diva" :)

♥ Olive at the church Kid's Program with Landon and his friend Mikeayla
*Suzy says the outfit that Olive is dressed in is from her vintage Cabbage Patch Kid...AWESOME!!

♥ Olive is always ready to help! Helping get packages shipped out before Suzy wraps her up to be on her way to the next Villager :)

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♥ Olive is getting packed up and she will off to her next Villager!
Happy Trails Olive XOXO

♥ THANK YOU ♥ Suzy for hosting Olive!!

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Olive's next stop,  Wendy from The Talented Cookie

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See who and where Olive has been so far on her amazing journey!