Olive with Soapery Sweet

♥ Olive's Adventures continue with Robyn from

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥  Olive arrived to visit Robyn from Soapery Sweet. She was anxious to get of her shipping box. It is hot in California!

♥ Olive is always making new friends!

♥ Olive & Bella are making a crystal tree...FUN!!

♥ Olive and Robyn..CUTE!
I think Olive needs a pair glasses :)

♥ I think Renzo really likes Olive!

♥ Olive is overseeing Robyn's graphic work. She approves!

♥ Olive is helping! She is such a good helper. Look at all those "yummy" goodies from Soapery Sweet 

♥ Olive was up late helping Robyn get all that yumminess ready to ship out

Thank you Robyn for showing Olive such a fun soapery sweet time!

Safe Travels Olive!
Olive's Adventures continue, next stop...
Lor from Mixing Up Magic

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