Olive with My Ten Friends Nail Polish

♥ Olive's Adventures continue with Mei-Lynn from

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  No sooner did Olive arrive at Mei-Lynn's she was whisked up by Starlit (The 
My Ten Friends Mascot). They became fast friends. Starlit was showing Olive all the amazing nail polishes from My Ten Friends

In her diva-like style, Olive poses with sparkling 
My Ten Friends nail polish, wearing Mei-Lynn's sparkle scarf. How cute!!

  After all that picture taking Olive and Mei-Lynn needed
a break, so off to the beach they went ... I am so jealous!!

Lunch Time! WOW! I think Olive is getting a little spoiled at Mei-Lynn's.
Lunch looks amazing!

After lunch, a fun hike with Mei-Lynn. She made sure that 
Olive had the proper hiking gear.
Olive loves being outdoors, and it looks like the perfect day for a hike!

After sunbathing, lunch and hiking, Olive was able to create her own nail polish. 
I do believe that orange is Olive's favorite color and with Halloween being just around the corner, she added a some black to give it that "spooky" look. Great job Olive! I love the color!


WOW!! Olive had such a fun day in Hollywood!
She fit right in with Diva Marilyn Monroe!
Then she saw some of her favorite entertainers, Elvis and Shrek..LOL!
Little did I know, that Ozzy is one her favorites!
Looks like Olive had an amazing day 

Thank you Mei-Lynn showing Olive such a good time!
I know she enjoyed her trip to Hollywood ♥ 

Safe Travels Olive!
Olive's Adventures continue, next stop...
Robyn from Soapery Sweet 


  1. love! I wish I had friends like Olive and Starlit. And the polish is beautiful! amysmeltzer21521@yahoo.com