Olive with Dollipop Cosmetics

♥ Olive's Adventures continue with Jennifer from

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Well, no sooner did Olive arrive at Jen's then she was hard at work!
She helped Jen create a custom glitter, how fabulous!
Olive picked a fun yellow/red combination, she is very proud of her creation and 
you can see it here.. Hoo Loves You Glitter ♥

♥ Olive getting a close up of her creation. She is so proud!
Thank you Jen for creating such a fun glitter in Olive's honor ♥

♥ Dolli (Dollipop Cosmetic's mascot) is Olive's new BFF!!
{Dolli was made by the amazing AmyLynn from Little Kitten}

♥ Olive giving Dolli a boost up the tree

♥ What are these BFF's whispering about, I bet it is a good secret!

♥ Olive helping Jen get some orders packed, she is getting the shipping envelopes ready
for all those wonderful Dollipop Cosmetics!

♥ Olive and Dolli getting Dollipop Cosmetic orders ready for shipping.
Such good helpers!

♥ Did you all know that Olive is great at helping with homework?
Here she is helping Gigi with homework, and she is showing Gigi freebie that came with her to Jen's, a yummy Tangerine Lime Lip Butter from Aqua Blossom, woohoo!

♥ Aw...Sleeping Buddies! Livi and Olive taking a much needed nap

♥ Gigi giving Olive a squeeze "good bye", I know Olive will miss all her new friends!

♥  Three gorgeous ladies! Jennifer with twin sister Liz and of course Olive!
Sampler Village ♥ Dollipop Cosmetics xoxo

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you so much Jen and Family for hosting Olive!
I know she enjoyed helping you, especially helping to create her own glitter!

Safe Travels Olive!
Olive's Next Stop....Sara from The Sticky Wrapper

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