Olive's Adventures with The Talented Cookie

Olive's Adventures continue with 
Wendy from The Talented Cookie

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♥ Olive arrived at Wendy's and was so excited to be taken to Wendy's new bakery "The Talented Cookie" :)
Looks like Olive is ready to take the next order. 

♥ Olive loves pretty things (she is a diva you know). So when a local grower brought in these flowers to The Talented Cookie, Olive insisted on taking a picture with them.

♥ Olive is helping Wendy bake cookies. Olive as having so much fun on the baking rack, she may have thought it was a jungle gym :) 

♥ YUM!! Blueberry Cheesecake cookies, I think this is Olive's favorite flavor. By the looks of the almost empty jar, it seems to be a customer favorite too!

♥ Olive helping pack up Gator cookies, she liked the ribbon so much that Wendy made a bow for her to wear :)

♥ Aw.... Olive and Wendy. Love this picture!!

♥ LOOK AT THE OWL COOKIES! They look just like Olive! Wow! Wendy said that Olive was so excited when she saw the cookies. HOW CUTE!!

Visit Wendy online at The Talented Cookie

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♥ Olive is getting packed up and she will off to her next Villager!
Happy Trails Olive XOXO

♥ THANK YOU ♥ Wendy for hosting Olive, looks like she had an amazing time at your new bakery!!

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Olive's next stop,  Angela and Kelly from The Curious Cupcake
(Our Holiday Sparkle Mayors!)

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See who and where Olive has been so far on her amazing journey!

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  1. The cookies look SO good and your shop is super cute!!!! <3