Olive's Adventures with Frawgz Dezignz

Olive's Adventures continue with Carrie from Frawgz Dezignz

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♥ Olive arrives at Carries and she is already getting to work. Carrie does very detailed chainmaille jewelry so it is very important that Olive pays attention and learns what she needs to do :)
Olive made a fabulous belt for herself!

♥ Olive is invading the candy dish! Here she enjoying some yummy ZOTZ candy. I think Olive likes the "fizz" :)

♥ Due to the fact that Carrie has so many cats, Olive has been given her very own specially designed containment bubble built by Ziploc. She arrived and got to meet Biggie, Reven, Aska and Halo.

♥ Looks like Olive is ready to do some role playing, pictured here with dagger

♥  Hehe! Olive dressed as a frog :)

♥ Olive baking cookies with Carrie, oh...they look yummy!

♥ Before Olive heads home she wanted to help Carrie give the kitties their treats. I know Olive will miss all her new friends!

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Carrie from Frawgz Dezignz

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♥ Olive is getting packed up and she will on her way back home soon!
Happy Trails Olive XOXO

♥ THANK YOU ♥ Carrie for hosting Olive!

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See who and where Olive has been so far on her amazing journey!

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