Olive with Knits By Erin

♥ Olive's 4th Stop on her Adventures is with Erin from 
Knits by Erin

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Olive was greeted by Erin's kitty, Stormy. Awww...how sweet!

♥ Olive has the best seat in the car! She can see EVERYTHING! Thanks to Erin's boyfriend, Jon :)

♥ Olive always wants to try something new :)

♥ Olive at the Verizon store, I hope she did not spend too much money!

♥ Who knew, that Olive was such a great cook in the kitchen :)

♥ Oh, such beautiful flowers! 

♥ Olive having some fun playing a video game.

♥ Great Job Olive! Olive helped Erin with making a Chemo Cap for Erin's Charity,

♥ Stormy saying "Good Bye" to Olive, they have become such good friends!

Thank you Erin, Jon and Stormy for showing Olive such a good time!

Safe Travels Olive!!
Next stop...Lisa List from For Goodness Grape 

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