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Meet Laura & Amanda from Firestarter Cosmetics
{I love Laura's eye shadow color, so bright and fun!}
{What can you say about Amanda's makeup, AMAZING!}

Please tell the Village about yourself: 
My name is Laura and I am the girl behind the curtain...er computer screen! I deal with the minor details such as website development, answering emails, shipping some product out and a lot of the fun updates on our blogs and on our Facebook! I also create several of the product labels and designs, along with Amanda. When possible I also hop over to Amanda's house to help out with jarring, labelling, etc! During the week I work for a daycare as a R.E.C.E in a toddler program and I sometimes work weekends at a pizza place! I reside with my boyfriend Evan, our cats (my "helpers") Sparta & Pandora, and our fish Max & Omega.

Amanda does a lot of the real work - she's the one who makes the vast majority of the product, ships it and keeps things in order! She resides with her husband Jason and her guinea pig Buddy Stew.

Tell the Village about your business:
We have been in business for just over a year now (we established in the winter of 2011). We make vegan friendly cosmetics, ranging from eye products (shadows, primer, etc), face products (wash, makeup remover & more), body products (salt scrubs, soap scrubs, body butter) and lip products (scrubs and balms).
We believe that bettering your life, and the products that you use, does not have to come at a high cost. Our motto "Ignite your style" follows our own belief that everyone is beautiful, and that everyone can express their beauty in their own way. We hope our products inspire others to find their inner style and express it to the world! For some this may be something as simple as using a moisturizer or a scrub, for others it may be wild and crazy eye shadow ideas.

My favourite product is really hard to choose! I really enjoy our newest product Body Bliss Butter which can be used in a variety of ways - I use it to shave with, Evan uses it as an after shave balm, Amanda uses it to moisturize, the possibilities of this product are endless! I also am a huge fan of the margarita balms and scrubs!
My favourite eye shadow colour is a toss up between Sandbox (now retired), Limey Lemon and Livingroom L&R.

What inspires you?
Our customers are the most inspiring people we know! We really take into account all feedback that our customers present and have grown to include products that many people were searching for.
Our surroundings also greatly inspire us. We feel very lucky to live in Northwestern Ontario where we have such beautiful surroundings to pull ideas from. This upcoming year we hope to add more of our local beauty to our company.

What do you love most about your business?
I love getting to know people, being out at fairs and festivals and seeing how genuinely excited people are about our products! I also love working with one of my best friends, our "work" sessions often turn into debriefing sessions, brainstorming sessions, and much more. We have a lot of fun with it!
I also enjoy learning more about how to make a more natural lifestyle available to everyone, as well as learning the harmful effects of current chemicals used in many cosmetics.

Would you recommend Sampler Village for other artisans to participate in? Why or why not?
We would definitely recommend Sampler Village to other artisans. We have received quite a bit of support from Sampler Village customers and have been able to network with others as well! Through Sampler Village we have also discovered some great products that we use in our own lives now! Plus Traci is really helpful, kind and easy to work with!

Lastly, would you like to offer our readers a special or coupon code?
Your readers can use code "SVB0613" on our website (www.shoponfire.com) to receive 10% off their order!

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Sampler Village would like to send out BIG HUGS to Laura and Amanda for all their love and support.

Be sure to visit Firestarter Cosmetics soon ♥ ♥ Shop / Craft Cafe / Facebook / Twitter / Blog / Pinterest / You Tube

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