Lovely Letter!

This was just so lovely and it made my whole day!
Katy is so sweet and I am honored that she took the time to write me this lovely note on Feb. 19th. I wanted to share it with you all ♥ You may want to take note of her FABULOUS idea that she does with her Sampler Village Samples...

"I just wanted to share a note with you today that I couldn't post on your wall from my phone. I have been buying boxes for a few months now and have yet to be able to get through all of the fabulous samples mainly because I have been getting ready to move from our house to a townhome as we build a new home, which happened yesterday. With a whiny four year old daughter, a teething nine month old son, two scared cats and a bad back, my nerves are pretty shot today. But Sample Village made me smile...

I've kept my samples on various boxes and such...all the great soaps, potions, candles, etc are just begging for use. Well, today I made myself a few grab bags by themes (soaps, lotions, lip balms, etc.) and I'm starting a new game for myself. Whenever I run out of whatever I am using I will close my eyes, reach in the grab bag, and pull out my next sample surprise! I plan on adding goodies from future boxes to the.bags and doing the same thing. With all the unpacking and settling I have yet to do, this little project for myself has brought a smile to my face and renewed energy.

Thank you for this great program, I have found tons of new shops and I fully expect to find more. I have decided that whenever possible any gifts I give or special purchases for myself will be handmade, and you are a huge reason for that.

Thanks, Traci! You rock!


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