Wanted - Villagers Etsy Mini Widgets!!

I am thinking of doing something new on the blog. I will only post this here since I want to draw more attention to our awesome blog!

I am asking my wonderful Villagers to send me over the html codes for their etsy mini widgets. I would like this to be for the Sampler Village current Villagers. I will consider others, please email me first.

Here is how you do it...

Go to "Your Etsy"
Click on the "Etsy Mini" link (under Promote)
Here is where you can make your widget.
I need the widget to be...
1. Items from your shop
2. Thumbnail size
3. 2 column - 4 rows
Copy the Javascript version and send me a convo via etsy (the code does not come through email for some strange reason)

Once I get the widget code I can get it posted on the sidebar of the blog
I hope to hear from a bunch of you soon!!

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